How to Write an Effective Descriptive Essay

How to Write an Effective Descriptive Essay

An effective descriptive article, as the name suggests, is an article that describes. This article provides a description of a person, place or thing. Writing a good explanatory article is like painting a picture in the minds of the readers. Describing features such as color, texture, or taste will help the reader to better visualize something they have never seen or allow you to present something familiar from a new angle.

These comprehensive descriptions referring to touch, smell, taste, or sight will make the item more realistic. Describe its weight, temperature, smell or even taste.

So time to get creative with your essay writing service.

Explain it well

Always describe what you can see, hear, feel, feel, and taste. Explaining sensory details (sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste) is an important part of an explanatory article. For example, suppose you are trying to describe a tree in your garden. Instead of writing “there are flowers in the trace”, write what it looks like, smells and feels like. Try to express your feelings and emotions.

Overview of the Topic

Write down the last elements that can help you get a general overview of the topic. Make sure readers have a clear idea of ​​the most important visual aspects of the character. At the very least, mention the important features of your body, your clothing and your face, as these are the areas that will interest the reader the most. Always use powerful explanatory words and try to write the original explanation.

Aspects of Title

Each paragraph should describe different aspects of the title. For example, imagine you are writing an article about your favorite person. The introduction may discuss why you are talking about that particular person, the background of the article. Then, in the main body of the article, you can describe the different characteristics of that person. In one paragraph, you can describe the person’s appearance, and in another paragraph, you can describe his characteristics.

Elaborate the main character

Introduce physical characteristics that can provide clues about the character’s personality. If you choose your words well, you can give the reader a very prominent display of the subject by examining its identity. Use powerful and meaningful words that convey the desired information and create a tone that suits the character.


You should have a brief summary of the main body of the article at the end. Try to link the end of the article from the beginning. For example, if you say, “I’ve always been attracted to the sea.” In the introduction to the article, you may write, “My interest in the deep blue sea is deep in my soul. A trip to the beach never fails to lift my spirits.”


Check if you have written the details in such a way that the article creates an image of the articles. See if all the details, explanations are relevant, suitable for the article. See if you forgot to add some simple but important details. Delete any unnecessary details. Check for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Illustrate the Paragraphs

If you want to immerse the reader in a story or essay, there can be no better way than a well-illustrated paragraph. To write this kind of paragraph, use your imagination freely, play with structure and content and use original and surprising sentences to get the reader’s attention. Whether you are describing a person, a place, or an object, the reader should feel in this detail that he is at the center of the process, with you or with your characters.


Open the paragraph with a sentence that briefly outlines the character. An introductory sentence at the beginning of the paragraph will help you focus on the character you are describing. Make sure that this sentence is easy to understand and comprehend just one element of the appearance of your topic to avoid presenting too much information to the reader from the beginning. You can also split the presentation into 2 sentences to make it clearer and more fluid. You can start the paragraph with an introduction like any professional essay writers UK.

Identify the General Size

The best way to start describing an item is to make sure. So that the reader can get a good idea of ​​its location and size. Where does it take place? Is he locked in the palm of his hand or does he stand above the characters? Has he been there for so long that he is covered with dust or is he constantly moving? Freely split the introductory sentence into 2 for clarity and fluency.

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