How to Write a last-minute Essay and Get ‘A’ Grade

How to Write a last-minute Essay and Get ‘A’ Grade

Although it is easy to write an essay before the deadline, many of us ignore it at least once until the last minute. If you find yourself in such a situation, stay positive and don’t panic. It is possible to make a good production even if the time is short.


Wherever you write your essay, the space should be clean and comfortable. But don’t overdo it. Your workspace should make it easier for you to write – but if you’ve written that you’re cleaning your whole house before you write the essay, you’re probably just delaying writing. 

Use Study Guides

Use study guides or your own curriculum. If your teachers provide you with a study guide, great, you can use it to guide your study. If not, you will need to use the curriculum. A syllabus is helpful because it gives you an overview of what you have read. If you do not have a curriculum, you will need to create your own.

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If you have a curriculum, use it to map what you have read. If you don’t, think about the important ideas or works you’ve studied during the test period, whether they are important grammar theories, such as parallels, or major literary works, such as Charlotte. Jane Eyre. Avoid or reduce distractions while working. It could be around you, noise, television, music, your phone or the internet.


Take a deep breath when you have everything to write an essay, pause for a moment. Breathe in the work you want to write an essay and keep your mind focused. Don’t stress because you have so little time. Rather, encourage yourself by imagining that you are now ready to tackle the task I can do it. Everything I need is ready. I just have to focus for a specific time. 


If you want to write an essay late at night, you need to pay attention. If possible, you should not write all night. This is because it is especially tiring and your essay may seem out of place. But if you are in a situation where you need to do this, here are some guidelines to help you get the most out of it.

Read the Assignment

Review again if there are any specifications or guidelines for the article. Sometimes the war is half over if you understand the job correctly. You must ensure that you comply with all requirements regarding the length, shape and content of the work. The key to a good essay is usually an assignment. How does it happen? No matter how or why you get into this situation, it is important to stay calm and clear. Fortunately, there are a few tips that will help you get through the night and still leave time for sleep.


Don’t stick too much to words, spellings, etc. But whether you call Shakespeare the “great” or the “greatest” author, this is an example. Not so important. Write something and keep going. If you read the essay at the end, you can take care of these things. If time is short, you will be more productive and motivated if you go your own way through the essay writing process.

Draft It

You may think that it only takes valuable time to consider a draft – but it will actually help you to write an essay more efficiently and clearly. If you have some important points in your head and you know which way to go, your job will be clear. If you look at the advice above, you will see that you are forced to zero in on the most inspiring or important parts of your topic and keep them focused. There is something about being under pressure that often makes us clear and focused.

Be Mindful

There are different types of essays: e.g. Explanatory essays that explain something to the reader or analytical essay that divides a topic into sections that are evaluated. Even an article based on a story benefits from a clear essay. Read the assignment carefully so you know which article is required for your essay.

Bottom Line

Reviewing your introduction makes the essay clearer and your work more stable. With a particular idea in mind, what has to do with your thesis or your argument, you drafted it and started writing your essay. At the time of essay writing, this idea has probably changed at least a little bit. Once you’ve finished a version, go back to the introduction and adjust your essay to the rest of your work. If you are worried that your work will be too long, you can use longer sentences with more adjectives or more references. Use these funds sparingly – if you use them too much you will lose the quality of your work. Another way to meet the length requirement is to increase the font, margin, or line spacing slightly. Your teacher can tell the difference.

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