Reasons That You Should Learn Certified Ethical Hacking

Certified Ethical Hacking

Reasons That You Should Learn Certified Ethical Hacking

When people hear ‘ethical hacking’, they take it as an illegal and unlawful action. As every coin has two sides, hacking also has two different faces. People who hack the organization’s systems and access data illegally are referred to as black-hat hackers. On the other hand, people hacking the organization’s systems legitimately and lawfully are called white-hat hackers or ethical hackers. With a surge in cyberattacks, organizations are hiring certified ethical hackers. 

A Certified Ethical Hacker Certification is one of the globally recognized cybersecurity certifications offered by EC Council. This certification validates candidates for their expertise in finding vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the target system and assessing its security through the hacking tools and techniques used by malicious hackers, but legally and lawfully. 

IT professionals who have experience managing the organization’s security aspects over physical, hybrid, and cloud environments can pursue the CEH certification. Moreover, candidates should possess a strong understanding of Database Management Systems (DBMS), Cryptography, Social engineering, Programming languages, and Linux Operating Systems. Certified Ethical Hackers are sought-after by many commercial, non-commercial, and government sectors to perform anti-hacking preventive methods and protect the organization’s data. 

To pursue this cybersecurity certification, one has to appear for the Certified Ethical Hacker examination. It consists of 125 questions with the multiple-choice format and time duration is four hours. Here are some significant reasons why one should learn the certified ethical hacker certification.

Seven Reasons To Learn Certified Ethical Hacking Certification

1. Sophisticated Salary

The job role of an ethical hacker is one of the respected and prestigious in the IT domain. Ethical hackers mostly get higher salaries than other job roles in the same workspace. Therefore, if candidates or employees desire to shift their careers or jobs and need a salary hike, they should pursue the ethical hacking training from accredited institutes, like Essay King or Assignments Experts

2. Serve The Nation

For every citizen, serving the nation is one of the most prestigious honours possible. As mentioned above, government sectors are hiring Certified Ethical Hackers to protect data and prevent data breaches. Therefore, Certified Ethical Hackers can get an opportunity to serve the nation by getting a job in government offices.

3. Growth Potentiality

Data is an asset for any organization or business. This data may be financial reports, client database, sales strategy, etc. If all this information is accessed unauthorizedly, the company may experience a significant loss and lose its customers. Therefore, protecting it from vulnerabilities and malicious attacks is the top priority. Organizations are employing ethical hackers to handle data loss and prevent data breaches and spending a lot of resources on them.

4. Certified Expertise

Ethical hacking certification is one of the widely accepted certifications. Hence, It candidates wishing to build their path in network security should pursue ethical hacking training and certification. This certification demonstrates that one has the expertise to handle and manage the system’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities from several attacks.

5. Easy Adaptability

Pursuing the ethical hacking certification is not a very challenging task. Candidates having a fundamental understanding of IT concepts, like Networking, Cryptography, Operating Systems, and programming languages can join this field. Certified Ethical Hackers can get a job role of Computer Forensic Expert, Chief Security Officer, and Security Auditor. Moreover, people wishing to start their cybersecurity firms can opt for this certification. 

6. Exploring System Security

Malicious hackers attack the vulnerable parts of the organization’s security infrastructure. A Certified Ethical Hacker can overcome the security infrastructure’s weaknesses and enhance its efficiency to prevent data breaches. Moreover, ethical hackers can identify all possible risks in the security system and take measures required to protect the data.

7. Always Learn Something New

Before pursuing the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification, one has to learn several IT concepts, like Computer networking, Web technologies, Scripting and Programming languages, Cryptography, etc. Moreover, as an ethical hacker, one must stay updated with state-of-art technologies, new attack techniques, risk mitigation techniques, new vulnerabilities, etc. Therefore, ethical hackers always have something new to learn. 


Ethical hackers’ role is comparatively challenging, as they have several responsibilities regarding the organization’s infrastructure on their shoulder. The ethical hacking certification adds value to one’s resume and increases the chances of getting hired by renowned companies. Koenig Solutions is a high-ranking training organization that offers effective ethical hacking training.

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