5 Steps To Write Reflective Essay

Write Reflective Essay

5 Steps To Write Reflective Essay

What is reflective writing?

Reflective writing is actually an analytical technique of writing. This type of writing is basically a deliberate way of recalling systematic situations of the past. This is a practice that normally includes the expressions of real or imaginary scenes, interactive events, and some passing thoughts. Your reflective Essay will show your views, thoughts and ideas about some topic.

As we know that reflections are basically subjective so they must be written in well organized formal tone.

However, it can also be written in a professional way, often by those who are studying psychology , to reflect on a single person’s behavior. Or, you can also write a reflection essay for yourself, to work out some thoughts of yours and feelings on some personal subject.

Here I’m listing some of the steps to write reflective Essays.

Answer Some Key Questions

To write a reflective essay , first you need to have a proper look at your own thoughts and reactions to the material you’ve been given to write a reflective Essay. The best way to start is by answering a number of key questions. Like how the event started? What was the day, time of the year? What were your expressions? negative or positive, what did u thought first when you saw that? etc.

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Identify a theme

Once when you’ve seen a few questions and answered them , look at your reviews and check if you can Spotify any common themes.

The main thing is if you can identify the idea and main theme of the topic or not?

Be honest wise about what you felt, , especially if the material has left some deep sense or thoughts on you or not?


Your reflective Essay should not be just an apparent summary of the data you’ve read or studied.But you should give the summary of the realistic terms and conditions of the topic with some examples.

Add up the info relating to the author (if your reflective Essay about a book or article). If you’re going to write about a work of fiction, very briefly and concisely summarize the structure.

Just be careful to not overwrite the summary— As you don’t want to regenerate or offer a play-by-play of the original work, but rather offer enough context so readers can appreciate your reflection and analysis.

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Your reflective Essay will be a great place to start practicing your critical thinking skills, which includes another step of analysis. The answers to the questions in Step 1 will offer you a fine and good start when it comes to thinking more analytically.

Some analysis that affect reflective Essay after the summary are listed below.

  • the complete tone of the topic
  • potential biased.
  • credibility.
  • the intended purpose of the material

Connections making

Your reflective Essay is a great place to polish your critical thoughts skills, which include analysis. The questions in Step 1 will offer you a good start when it comes to thinking more in analytical way.

If you’re writing a reflective essay or on a work of fiction, be sure to check out our guide to write In a literary analysis.

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